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What is the invisibleSHIELD?

The invisibleSHIELD - ZAGG's customised, patented flagship product, is tough. Created from a resilient film that was first used to protect US military helicopter blades from high-speed damage, the invisibleSHIELD is your personal electronics defender. This rugged film wraps around consumer electronics and keeps them functioning and looking great, just like the day they came out of the box.

Featuring ZAGG's exclusive Nano-Memory technology, the invisibleSHIELD has unique properties that provide self-healing qualities and unrivalled abrasion resistance. It’s custom-designed for devices with ZAGG's Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

What is the ZAGGmate?

It’s the perfect companion for your iPad 1. The ZAGGmate for iPad 1 is made from aluminium with a high-grade finish, matching the design, look and feel of the iPad. It’s simple yet innovative hinge provides multiple angles for viewing and typing in both portrait and landscape mode. A built-in physical keyboard allows for fast, responsive typing. It has a sleek, eye-catching design that gives your device durable protection, added functionality and style. You'll wonder how you ever used your iPad 1 without one.

What do I do if I have a warranty issue with my Zagg product?

All Zagg products are dealt with directly through their website. Visit and follow these instructions:

1. Log in to My Account by clicking here. (Create an account if this is your first time)
2. Register your ZAGG products: please click ‘Product Registration’, select your product from the drop-down menu, and click ‘Register’.
3. Locate the order you need a replacement from on the ‘View Your Order History and Get Warranty Replacements’ page and click ‘replace’.
4. Click the ‘Replace’ button next to the product.
5. Follow the prompts from there.

How do I register my Zagg product?

To register a ZAGG product you purchased from us, please click here. For all other Zagg product queries, please refer to the Zagg website -