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Call direct on 02392 359973 or Email at and we’ll happily answer any question you may have. Except possibly ‘Can you cry underwater?’ We aim to get back to you within one working day.

How can I customise my case?

Once you’ve chosen the right case for your device, go to the product page and select the option to ‘customise this case’. A window will open up where you can choose to select artwork from our exclusive Artwork series or create your own.

Why do we use bamboo to manufacture our cases?

Well, it looks sizzling and is light and strong. It’s also one of the fastest growing plants (it’s actually a grass) on Earth. Plus, unlike trees, when it’s cut down it regrows. This makes it environmental as anything.

Will you make bamboo cases for other devices anytime soon?

We want to develop and make cases for other popular devices and will keep you informed as we do. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media pages for updates. Due to the time it takes to develop new cases, we can’t guarantee when we will launch new products.

What type of bamboo are your cases made from?

All our bamboo cases are made entirely from Moso bamboo. And arty passion.

How are your bamboo cases made?

All our cases begin life as happy shoots of Moso bamboo in China. Once they’re removed (painlessly), they’re then cut to size and laminated with alternating grain to help minimise warping. These solid bamboo blocks are then precision-shaped by a very clever machine with a feel for perfection (a CNC machine). It carves its way through the bamboo block to perfectly match the contours of your device.

After being cut to perfection, the bamboo is then tickled with sandpaper and finished by hand with a massage of oil. (Lucky bamboo.) Finally, the cases are tricked out with their very own felt lining before being boxed and sent out. It takes a while, but the results are worth it. And it’s like a little spa day for the bamboo.

What devices do you make bamboo cases for?

Currently, we make our bamboo cases for the iPhone 4/S, the iPad 2 and the new iPad (iPad 3). We’re constantly developing new cases and ideas and we hope to launch some new cases very soon. To keep up to date with our products, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on our social media pages.

What’s on the inside of the case?

All our cases have a felt lining to prevent any chance of scratching your device when fitting and to provide a tight fit.

How do I take care of my case and clean it?

The case is fairly robust, but how you look after it determines how it keeps. If it rattles around in a bag with keys and sharp objects, you can expect light scratching and small dents over time. To clean it, use furniture polish, ideally a natural product and a soft cloth.

What will happen to the case if I drop it?

It will break. Our bamboo cases aren’t designed to survive heavy impact. They’re a natural product, not a manufactured material. However, the case will protect your device from sharp objects denting it and everyday wear and tear. It’s like a bike helmet that breaks to save your head. However, if you really are a butterfingers, just confess and we’ll sort you out with another with 50% off.

How long will my bamboo case last?

Well, like most products made from natural materials, it all depends on how you look after it. With proper care, your case should last as long as your device. Remember, our cases aren’t designed to protect your device from the impact of being dropped but they will prevent your device from scratches and cosmetic damage.

Do your bamboo cases interfere with the devices signal or Wi-Fi strength?

Good Lord, no. Bamboo is transparent to the device sensors so there is no interference. Bamboo is also non-conductive so therefore does not create static or any other electrical interference. So, as far as your device is concerned, there is no case fitted.

Can you still dock the device and access all of the connections with the Bamboo case fitted?

Yes, all the connections, buttons and the camera and microphone are fully accessible. Part or all of the case will have to be removed, however, to dock the device. Please note that Apple changed the charger for the iPod, iPhone and iPad and made it slimmer a few years back. So if you have an old one kicking around that you use as a secondary charger, it won’t work. Only the new version will fit with the bamboo case fitted.

How do I fit my bamboo case?

Every case comes with the fitting instructions printed inside the packaging lid.

Does it change the look and feel of the device?

It certainly does and most would agree for the better! It provides a warm surface with more grip that looks amazing! It does add a little weight and adds slightly to the dimensions like with any case on the market but we feel it is more than an acceptable compromise to have such a unique case.

Do you have an installation video I can view for the iPad/iPhone bamboo case?

Yes click here to view.

Do your bamboo iPhone and iPad cases affect speaker performance?

If you have bat-like hearing then yes but, to the human ear, we don’t think it’s noticeable. We have spent a long time engineering this element of the case to find the right balance between aesthetics and sound quality. The best solution was to drill holes in the bamboo case that line up perfectly with the speaker holes on the iPhone and iPad.

Do your bamboo cases for iPad have a built in auto wake/sleep function?

No, they do not as they are a slider case with no cover that is designed to spend more time on the device than off.

I broke my case and it’s all my fault, can you help?

We understand that accidents happen and some of us are clumsier than others so whether your dog has taken a bite out of your case or you dropped it whilst mountain biking on the weekend and are honest enough to admit it, we’ll look after you! Just pop us a quick message with your original order details and we’ll give you 50% off a new case. Please note this applies to the same case as originally ordered. If we no longer sell that case I’m sorry there is nothing we can do.

I dropped my case and it cracked, can I fix it?

If you broke your case, it’s not a warranty issue. Like any other product you own, you can try and repair it yourself with strong clear super glue but we are not responsible for the outcome. Good luck!

Do you provide a different colour finish on your bamboo cases?

Not at present, but watch this space. We are trialling a few things and are constantly looking to offer a wider range of products. Sign up to our newsletter of follow us on our social media pages for product updates.

Do your bamboo cases act as a stand for viewing mode?

No, they do not as they are a slider case with no cover or flexible part.

What headphones can I use with a bamboo case?

The Apple headphones work fine, as do many new headphones that are designed for Apple products. As long as the headphone jack is the new style (small and thin), they will work. Older headphones had wider and shaped jacks and they will not work. If you have a pair of headphones that you aren’t willing to part with that won’t work with our case then don’t panic you can buy an adaptor to solve the problem.

Can I use an Apple Smart Cover with my bamboo iPad case?

Yes, just select the right variant of iPad that you own and select bamboo case for Smart Cover.

Can I get a replacement top or bottom half only for my bamboo case?

Unfortunately not. We’d love to be able to provide this for you but it is not possible for a few reasons. Each case is made from natural bamboo and from one piece originally. This means that not only would the grain not align on the new part, but it would also not fit as well as the original, as each case is hand-finished and very slightly different. If you have broken it, we do offer 50% off a replacement, however.

What are the dimensions and weight of the bamboo iPhone and iPad cases?

(Please note, these can vary very slightly as each case is hand finished)

iPhone 4/4S case
• Weight – 23 grams
• Size - Height: 123 mm, Width: 63 mm, Depth: 13 mm

iPhone 5 case
• Weight – 25 grams
• Size - Height: 131 mm, Width: 64 mm, Depth: 13 mm

iPad 2 Slider case
• Weight – 158 grams
• Size - Height: 251 mm, Width: 195 mm, Depth: 14 mm

iPad 3 Slider case
• Weight – 152 grams
• Size - Height: 251 mm, Width: 195 mm, Depth: 14 mm

iPad 2 Smart case
• Weight – 149 grams
• Size - Height: 250 mm, Width: 198 mm, Depth: 14 mm

iPad 3 Smart case
• Weight – 142 grams
• Size - Height: 250 mm, Width: 198 mm, Depth: 14 mm

Does the bamboo iPhone 4 case fit all variants?

Yes our bamboo case for the iPhone 4 fits all UK variants including the iPhone 4S.

Does the bamboo case affect the way the camera works?

Unfortunately, you can experience some loss of quality when using the flash in low lighting. This is down to the flash reflecting off the case opening around the camera and flash. We have done our best to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Without creating a much bigger opening in the case around the camera and flash (which would look horrible), we can’t avoid this.