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Call direct on 02392 359973 or Email at and we’ll happily answer any question you may have. Except possibly ‘Can you cry underwater?’ We aim to get back to you within one working day.

How do I get my device to you?

The most cost-effective way for most of our customers is to send it in by post or courier. If you choose to send your device in, Etch is not liable for the device until it reaches our premises. Please package your device carefully in the original packaging where possible. If not, we can send special packaging to you that can be selected on checkout.

Check out our packaging assembly guides here

How much will it cost to Etch my device?

To make it as simple as possible our prices are based on product catergory rather than the individual brand and model of a device.

We understand that some of you can’t be without your precious device for more than a minute or find the thought of sending it to us a little daunting so you can use our ‘Drop in’ service at no extra cost. However if you live in the North you may find the drive a little far so you can use our ‘Send in’ service that costs a touch more but gives you piece of mind with fully insured next day delivery.

• Small MP3’s – Artwork from the website £15, Create your own artwork £25 (+£10 ‘Send in’ service)
• Large MP3’s – Artwork from the website £25, Create your own artwork £35 (+£10 ‘Send in’ service)
• Phones – Artwork from the website £25, Create your own artwork £35 (+£10 ‘Send in’ service)
• Tablets – Artwork from the website £45, Create your own artwork £55 (+£10 ‘Send in’ service)
• Laptops – Artwork from the website £65, Create your own artwork £75 (+£30 ‘Send in’ service)

How much will it cost to Etch a case?

Just like Etching a device our prices are based on product catergory rather than the individual case. The following costs are added to the product price seen in the Store. Delivery is free on all cases within the UK; an additional £5 will be added at checkout for European orders.

• Phone cases – Artwork from the website £10, Create your own artwork £20
• Tablet cases – Artwork from the website £15, Create your own artwork £25

Can you produce different finishes when etching devices and products?

No, it completely depends on the artwork and material being etched.

I want to get my device etched but it is not listed on your website, can it be done?

Yes, we are happy to etch any device (as long as it is made from a suitable material) and we are constantly expanding our offerings and updating our website. Get in touch and let us know what your device is and we can go from there. If we have not etched that specific device before, we may have to run a test first. Please note that not many plastics can be etched as they simply melt or burn.

How do different materials etch?

We can only change the depth of etching on some materials and you’ll have to trust that we know what works best.

• Chrome finished products such as iPod touch’s and other metals likes stainless steel cannot be laser etched but instead laser-marked, which produces pure black artwork on the chrome or metal.
• Plastic cases don’t etch well, as the only plastics that can be etched, generally aren’t used in the manufacturing of electronic devices.
• Anodised devices such as iPads, Kindles and coloured iPod shuffles produce good results. The laser goes through the anodised coating and reveals the shiny metal below.
• Leather etching looks nice. When etched, the laser burns through the shiny top surface revealing the natural matt finish underneath. Most types of leather can be etched. All types of genuine leather are pretty much guaranteed. However, synthetic leathers can contain non-organic materials that can melt.
• Bamboo and wood are our favourite materials to etch and produce some of the best results. We love working with bamboo, as it produces great variations of colour and texture. As bamboo and wood are organic and very varied due to the way the materials grow, the results are unique each time. Unlike metal engraving and marking, when engraving bamboo or wood, the depth of engraving can vary.
• Glass, found mostly on iPhone 4/4S, also produces great results against the black finish underneath the glass. When etched, it also creates depth to the artwork. When the laser beam hits the surface of the glass, the surface is heated and fine glass particles are blasted off leaving a crisp frosted effect.

Check out our photo Gallery if you are still not sure.

Can I drop a device to you and get it etched in the same day if I don’t wish to send it in?

Yes. Go to the Create section or Artwork section of our website and place your order. About halfway through the process you are given the option to send in your device or use our drop-in service. Select drop-in service and you can then select a day and time to drop your device to us. We can then have it done for you within the hour.

I don’t live in the UK – can I get my device etched?

Unfortunately not. Due to the logistics involved, it would be very costly and you would be waiting some time for your device to come back to you.

Will etching my device affect the way it works or functions?

Not at all. Etching is purely cosmetic but it is permanent.

If I want to get my device etched, how do I go about it?

The whole process takes place through our website. It’s very intuitive. Firstly, decide whether you want to Create your own design or select from Artwork. Then just follow the rest of the steps. You will have the option to send in your device (which is your responsibility) and we can provide special packaging to do so if you don’t have the original. Alternatively, you can use our online booking calendar to arrange a time to drop off your device and collect an hour later.

Check out our packaging assembly guides here

Are there any areas that cannot be etched?

Depending on the device, yes, certain areas have to be avoided. We cannot etch over the Apple logo on their devices and, although you can etch over the text on the devices, the results are mixed depending on the design. Devices such as the iPad have plastic areas on the 3G models that also have to be avoided. There are other devices that have chrome logos etc that cannot be etched. If you are not sure, get in touch.

If I etch my device, is it permanent or can it be removed?

Laser etching is permanent, so it can’t be removed without replacing the part that has been etched.

Can I send in my own case to be etched?

It depends on the case material so, firstly, get in touch to discuss the matter and we will go from there.

Will etching my device void my warranty?

We can’t guarantee that it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t do. A lot of manufacturers even offer etched messages on their devices when purchased but obviously they don’t offer the same range of fantastic customising we do. It is no different to attaching a vinyl skin on your device other than it being permanent. The process does not alter the mechanics of the device.

Will etching a branded case void my warranty?

If you choose to send in your own case for etching, we cannot guarantee that it will not affect your warranty, but the chances are it won’t as it does not alter the structural properties of the material. All the warranties of cases we sell are not affected by the etching process. If you have any doubts, please contact the manufacturer of your product before getting your device etched.