Photo Engraving

When considering what to get engraved on your new case or device one of the most obvious choices is to use a memorable photo. There really isn’t a better way to make something more personal and this is exactly what Etch is about! However not all materials are photo friendly when it comes to engraving.

Etch prides itself in being able to personalise products to the exact requirements of its customers but sometimes we are simply restricted by the power of nature. When engraving photos onto our bamboo cases the finished result can vary. Every single one of our cases is unique, the colour and grain is different on each case we produce as will every photo being engraved. The cases are made from laminated bamboo boards so the appearance shows a range of light and dark stripes from the many individual pieces of bamboo used to make the board. When engraving a photo it initially has to be converted to a black and white image. Then during the engraving process depending on whether dark parts of the photo land on dark stripes of bamboo and vice versa depends on how well the detail will be visible. In an ideal scenario we want the dark parts of the photo to be engraved onto the lighter parts of the bamboo and vice versa so the contrast is greater and more visible to the eye, unfortunately this just isn’t possible. So even though we would love to engrave your new bamboo case with your favourite photo, we advise against it as from our experience we don’t think the results are satisfactory. If you really want to engrave one of our bamboo cases with a photo can we suggest you select the charred variant?

You will be pleased to hear however that due to the plain, consistent finish of most electronic devices, especially Apple products, photos can be engraved directly on to them with great results. There are a few other materials that engrave well with fine detail so please ask if you have something specific you would like to consider getting engraved on a certain case or device.

If you have any questions about this topic or simply want some help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


19th January 2013