Creative photography

Local commercial photographer Andrew Whyte, based in Southsea, Hampshire is the man behind the creative, product photography seen on our site.

His daylight imagery is naturalistic whether shooting people, products or places, making use of available light & shade to optimise the use of everyday scenes and locations. In contrast, his nighttime photographs are inspired by the impossible and designed to challenge more conventional scenes by introducing time as a creative element.

By leaving the camera's shutter open for a long time, sometimes many minutes, he's able to capture activity in front of the lens in a manner not possible during daylight. From the illuminated trails of passing traffic to the passage of stars through the night sky, Andrew's photos show the world in a wholly different light.

His work has appeared in numerous photographic magazines as well as the Financial Times, Independent, Daily Telegraph and other leading publications.

See more, order prints & commission your own unique artwork at or call Andrew on 07765 405285.


27th November 2012


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