Bamboo Case </br> iPhone 5/5S Charred

Bamboo Case
iPhone 5/5S Charred

All our cases are handcrafted from a very exotic natural material – bamboo. It’s light, strong, beautiful and hard. Depending on how the boards are cut and the way the bamboo has grown, the grain will display in a variety of different ways and colour on your finished case. The grain is mainly straight but sometimes shows its natural look, with waves of grain. This adds a sense of uniqueness and individuality to the cases. No two cases will ever look completely the same.

The Charred finish gives a glimpse of the natural material. When laser-engraved, it reveals the natural colour of bamboo through the artwork.

• Protects your device from cosmetic damage
• All buttons and connectors accessible
• Natural shape and feel
• Provides grip and warmth
• Camera fully functional without removing case
• Thin and light
• Hand finished from 100% Moso bamboo
• Soft felt lining prevents scratching and provides snug fit
• Compatible with Zagg invisibleShield screen protectors
• 2-part slider case
• Weight – 25 grams
• Size - Height: 131 mm, Width: 64 mm, Depth: 13 mm

Q: How do I fit my case?
A: Watch this video here

£14.00 inc VAT