Scratch the corporate Etch

These days, everything’s about branding. Logos, letterheads, lorries. Even the office cat (although don’t ask how.)

But when you’re handing out iPads, iPods or cases as corporate or competition gifts, they all look the same. Rather beautiful, but the same nonetheless. Alternatively, you might just want to secure your assets with a spot of etching.

From concept to final cup of coffee, we’ll take care of it. Want us to do the artwork? No problem. Same-day service? We’ll clear the decks. Free samples and bulk discounts? Of course.

Here’s why Etch’s corporate etching and cases are better than logo-branded thermal underwear:

• Impress clients
• Secure your assets
• Say thank you to employees
• Brand everyday devices
• Asset-mark individually
• Offer competition giveaways

Choose from personal collection or delivery. Got a design in mind? Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop something that’ll knock their socks off.

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Branded assets and goodies for their new office.

What we did

  • Etched company iPhone 4's with logo
  • Created custom coasters with etched logo
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